“Stirum sukham asanam. Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.” - Yoga Sutra

New Slimming Program

What’s included in Our NEW Slimming Program?

NEW Slimming Program from Balance Mind Body Soul Yoga & Wellness is a renewal of the Slimming Program which has been running since 2006. NEW Slimming program is designed to allow participants perform slimming program independently.

Slimming Yoga
Slimming Yoga helps improve digestion and, therefore, eliminate constipation, water retention, and bloating. It also helps improve blood circulation to major endocrine glands (such as thyroid and pancreas) that control the appetite, moods, and sleep patterns. Further, Slimming Yoga helps tone, lengthen, and strengthen the muscles, ultimately sculpting the body.

Self Treatment
Holistic Slimming Massage is a signature self-massage treatment developed by Amalina TH. It is one of the more aggressive massages within our repertoire as its aim is to stimulate the adipose tissues in releasing the stored fat in those connective tissues and to ultimately remove them via the body’s natural waste management system. The whole process is done manually as we at Holistic Bodycare do not subscribe to use of machines for the purposes of slimming or any other treatment as the effects of possible emanating radiation from these machines may be detrimental to one’s health.

TAT Healing 
The Tapas Acupressure Technique, or TAT, was developed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming as a way to manage stressful emotions and eliminate negative belief patterns that prevent people from achieving personal health goals. Benefit: –  Clear a negative belief that triggers overeating and holding excess weight –  Heal a past incident related to food, over-eating, exercise and other issues involved in being over-weight –  Visualize yourself just as you’d like to be, clearing the way for your vision to become reality –  Learn to work with the core issues that keep you stuck in overeating and being overweight – Heal the past incidents, anger, shame, hurt and other emotions as well as beliefs that shackle you to weight issues

Healthy Diet Consultation
For many years, Food Combining has long been a successful diet in Europe. It is mostly about weight loss but it also allows you to live on lighter and healthier foods. This, in turn, increases your metabolic rate and facilitates the removal of toxins from your body. The large variety of foods permitted and the large selection of easy to follow recipes provide diversity, and make the Food Combining diet non-restrictive and absolutely satisfying.


Yoga  Monday – Friday 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM or 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, 5 sessions

Self Treatment
Monday – Friday, after yoga session

TAT Healing 
1 session *by reservation

Healthy Diet Consultation
After Yoga session

No previous yoga experience required
Suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility, man and woman

Bookings required
phone: 0274 566717 / 0819 0404 0727

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