“Stirum sukham asanam. Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.” - Yoga Sutra

Yoga For Kids

Since her second daughter, undiagnosed as down syndrome, Lina was more concerned with children with special need. She learn deeply from any source how to treat children with special need. Until she founded Yayasan Bunga Melati on 1998, social foundation for children with special need, especially down syndrome. The main aim of the foundation was to support growth of special need children by any therapy service.

Since Lina teaching yoga, her daughter Arin often followed her mom practice yoga. And brought positive effect for her. By holding some simple pose for several second, supported her balance & strengthen the muscle. As we know, down syndrome children have very weak muscle, even so flexible. As it brought good benefit, Lina share her practice to children in her foundation.

The benefit of Yoga For Kids
+ Yoga develops motor skills.
+ Yoga improves confidence and social skills.
+ Yoga provides sensory integration.
+ Yoga provides coping techniques to both kids and parents.
+ Yoga facilitates self-awareness.
+ Yoga engages the emotional brain.
+ Yoga is orderly and consistent.

Class Schedule during Ramadhan

Friday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location : Studio Balance Mind Body Soul, Hotel Puri Artha

Bookings required
phone: 0274 566717 / 0819 0404 0727

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