“Stirum sukham asanam. Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.” - Yoga Sutra

Prenatal Yoga For Gentle Birth

Pregnancy is a time of transition in our lives, when many new changes and experiences arise, physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga offers you an opportunity help yourself manage these changes and prepare for the birth of your baby.

At Balance Mind Body Soul we offer unique classes and workshops designed by an experienced yoga teacher who is also trained in Childbirth Education and Hypno~Birthing. The style of yoga we teach is a combination of Hatha & Vinyasa, it includes a gentle flow sequence of movements and stretches.

Women learn how to soften and surrender with a deep inward focus on breathing, connecting your mind with your body and baby. Each class also includes twenty minutes of deep guided relaxation meditation.

No previous yoga experience required
Suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility
Suitable from 20 weeks to Birth

Benefits include
+ Increased muscle tone and strength
+ Increased flexibility
+ Improved circulation
+ Nervous system is balanced
+ Stabilises emotions
+ Helps to reduce and manage anxiety and stress

Class Schedule

Tuesday 8:30  – 10:00  and 10:30  – 12:00

More Info :
phone: 0274 566717 / 0819 0404 0727

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Phone : 0274 566717 / 0819 0404 0727 (class schedule information)
Phone : 081 826 2525 (workshop and training information)
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